Direct lenders do not involve themselves with cumbersome formalities or time consuming procedures. These lenders deal directly with the end users or the borrowers, hence they help in reducing the rate of interest to a very great extent. Since there is no disturbance from the third party the interest rates are much lower when compared to other payday loans. All you have to do is to apply online and wait for the cash to get deposited in your checking account without any hassles by these lenders. Your employment and the regular income are the only eligibility criteria for you to get such loans through the direct lenders. You should also be above the age of 18, with a stable monthly income and an active savings account. On approval the cash gets deposited in your bank account. Being short term loans the cash amount along with the interest rates has to be returned at the time specified by the lender. Under such loans the cash reaches the customer because there is no checking or verification of documents.  


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