While payday loans offer guaranteed approval, there is an even better and more advantageous form of loan: no fax payday loans direct lenders do not require faxing of important documents which saves you time and aggravation as you no longer have to go looking for some place with fax machine to send in documents.

Before you go and apply for a payday loan, you must choose a lender. A direct lender will give you a loan for the lowest fees and the lowest interest rates. With indirect lenders, they act as the third party who verifies your application, looks for the best lending company for you and submits your application to various possible lenders. The difference is that indirect lenders will charge a commission or fee. So why pay extra? Go to the direct lender and make sure you find one that gives you the loan without having to fax documents.

If approved, the lender will contact you through email or phone to advise how you can get your money. Most of the time, money is credited to your savings account the next business day. Everything is done electronically including repayment where they will automatically deduct your payment from your next paycheck. Quick and easy. web site

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